Christmas Vignette

Hello friends, this is my very first vignette I made, Christmas is around the corner so I wanted to create something festive, down below you can find the step by step on how I made this, I apologize in advance because as I create I change my mind a million times, maybe I do have ADD lol, who knows ! Anyway, I hope you like this.

Above you can see my very first step, I used to paint on canvas, so I have many used, unused, half used, laying around my house, I flipped it upside down and used the interior part of it, I used white gesso, even if at the end I really didn’t need to do that as I covered everything with other material, but it did help me anyways because it made the canvas more thick.

After the gesso dried I cut some strips of an old book and prepared them to lay them all around the frame.

Above here I covered the frame of the canvas with the strips I mentioned in the prior picture, to glue the pieces together I use Golden Regular Gel Matte, it does the job really well. Set aside and let it dry.

While my paper on the canvas was drying I started cutting strips of Tim Holtz Backdrops, this one in particular caught my attention, not only I cut the strips but I did cut the other way around and made little rectangular pieces, my idea was to add those on top of the frame.

Above you can see after the strip of paper dried, I used Distress Vintage Photo Ink from the Tim Holtz collection with a dome applicator and went all around the frame and gave it a distressed effect to make it look vintage .

Choosing another backdrop from the Tim Holtz Collection , I cut it in half and a stencil to add stars to the two strips.

I positions the small rectangular pieces all on the frames to see ho they looked, at first this was my idea but as you can see in the few pictures coming next I did change my mind and used less than you see in the picture above, I also cut more strips from another backdrops cover the inside of the frame.

As you can see the strips of the candy cane backdrop fit perfectly inside the frame, not glueing them yet.

As you can see, I started covering the backdrop with stars, I have used Tim Holtz Distress Texture Paste and I left it white.

I have cut a crescent moon and painted it with white paint and Distress Crackle, I went all around it with Distress Vintage Photo.

The backdrop with the old calendar is appropriate to use and was perfect for this project , I circled the month of December and the number 25 and added a pointed finger above, after I stained it with Distress Vintage Photo, I have cut another small strip of another background to use as a separator between ” The Seasons Greetings” and the year “1942”.

I started assembling the vignette, as you can see decided to use less rectangular pieces, the two strips with the stars and the calendar would be glued in this manner inside the vignette, you can see the small cord with batteries as I positioned it all around the frame hidden under the frame by pushing the canvas a little down. My intention was to have some light shine on the vignette, green light , but I wanted a subtle light, just a bit to ad some atmospheric effect, I didn’t want the light to take over the vignette. On top of the vignette I added a layer with “Holiday Greetings”, to glue all of this I use my my collage medium.

All around the frame I added all kinds of embellishments always from the Tim Holtz collection. Santa was glued with some double sided adhesive dots to give a 3D effect, the metal Plaque at the bottom left is from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection, I made it look vintage by adding some white gesso and polishing a bit on the words that pop up, I also cut 4 white and red strings and tied them through the holes on the side.

After everything was dried I flipped the canvas upside down and using matte gel medium I started glueing a piece of fabric to cover the back .

I sewed a small pocket to hide inside the two batteries light switch .

Above you can see I cut a strip of the same fabric to use as an hanger for the vignette, and sewed it in the back.

I frayed the fabric in the back, made a small bow to put on the moon in the upper right corner with the same fabric, using styrofoam balls I added a snow effect, to give it a distressed and vintage look also using diluted gesso I splattered the whole vignette. Below I will put a slideshow of all the pictures of the finished piece. I hope you like it! Thank you for the support and for visiting my blog.

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