Christmas Vignette #2

Hello friend, this is my second Christmas Vignette, the process is very similar to the prior post I made right before this one. I hope you like it!

As you can see on the picture above, I have taken a white canvas, I prefer working with a 12″ by 12″ square but you can use any different shapes, same concept as my first vignette, poured some white gesso on it to make the background a bit more solid, I have covered the frame with with ripped book pages, nothings needs to be perfect, I like the grungy and vintage look it gets, the frame will eventually be covered with material so you will not be able to see any, or very few creases.

After the paper is dry I go around it with a foam ink applicator using Distress Vintage Photo by Tim Holtz, to give it a vintage look, on top you can see the “Holiday Greetings” strip I glued that with a medium matte gel, as I do with the pieces of pages from an old book, the material I mainly use are all from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Collection.

Using Distress texture paste and a stencil, I have cut two strips of backdrop and I started applying stars with the stencil you see above.

For the inside of the frame I have cut strips of backdrops from the Halloween Wall Paper bundle I bought when I was doing cards for halloween, with all this beautiful material from Tim Holtz, nothing goes to waste.

As you can see above I started gathering some material to have an idea on what to put in my Vignette.

I have positioned a backdrop in the middle of the vignette after I used Distress Vintage Photo ink to lightly add a bit of darker color to it.

Using Distress Mica Spray Holly Branch, I sprayed the letters and numbers with it, these are made of wood that I bought on Amazon.

Same process as the picture above to form the word “Noel”.

From the Tim Holtz Layers package I picked this particular card because it looks like an old card and you can see the work Boston in it, I live an hour away from Boston, it was the appropriate card to pick for me as I loved it so much. The theme of Christmas is really pretty.

Using a door stopper I glued a Christmas Token from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection on it, and I will use the white and red cord to tie a bow around it before I glued it, on the finished piece you can see it appears with some white on it, this is gesso I used to make the words on it pop up.

I have prepared this small sign glueing a wooden tag under it to give it some heavy weight as this will be hanging from the top of the vignette attaching two red and white pieces of the same string as the one I used for the token above, the sign with the number 24 is from the Tim Holtz Layers Idea-Ology collection and the “Happy Holidays” from the label stickers collection from Tim Holtz material .

As you can see I screwed two small hooks on the top inside of the vignette, that is where the sign will hang from it.

Above you can see the two metal plaque and token covered with white gesso. I love the effect it gives them.

As I will put a mini string of led lights behind it I realized they would show through the card, so I decided to glue a black card behind it because I want the light to shine out of the card and not through it.

I poked a hole in the middle of the vignette to pull the string of light through it and positioned it in the manner you see in the picture, this way the light string will not move and the light will shine out of the card.

Above you can see a sewed a string and a small pocket to add in the back of the vignette, the string is for hanging purpose and the pocket is for hiding and holding the switch of the string of lights.

This is the finished piece, I added cutouts from the Christmas Tim Holtz Collection , all around the frame, I splattered some white gesso liquified with a bit of water, and added styrofoam small balls for a snow effect.

Above the vignette illuminated by the lights, I enjoyed so much doing this and I hope you like it! This entered a contest, I will know who is the winner o December 14th. Fingers crossed. Cheers !

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