Creating with me…

by Alessandra Veronesi

Hey there!

Hi, I am Alessandra, mother of two wonderful boys, passionate about photography , art in general, drawing Mandalas, Temari balls, embroidery ,woodwork , and lately scrapbooking, making my own paper, cards, ephemera, junk journals, and everything that has to do with paper. I love creating and a challenge. Creating is my passion! Thanks for visiting, below I added some of my creations for any enquiry you can reach me at veronesialle@gmail.com , this website is under construction, thanks for you patience !

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Winter wonderland vignette

Hi friends, I made another vignette, I enjoy making them a lot, so I will focus more on vignettes instead of cards, I’ll be probably still making them but because we are getting close to the holidays time will be against me. I hope you like it!

Same concept of my two prior to this, a 12″by12″ white canvas, with the frame covered with strips of an old book, the background is from the Stamperia collection which I absolutely love, went around the frame with an ink applicator and Distress Vintage Ink from Tim Holtz Collection.

I added some Faded Jeans Distress ink too to the frame, it’s very subtle, in the picture you can barely see it, sorry !

With a 3D embossing folder from Sizzix and Tim Holtz Collection I have created some snow flakes.

With a Tim Holtz stencil I want to cover most of the background using texture paste.

This is how it came out, still in the process to cover most of the background !

With my Sizzix Big Shot and a die from Tim Holtz Collection, I have cut the words “HelloWinter” and stained them with Distress Faded Jeans Ink and Distress Broken China Ink, I thought the two colors were perfect for this particular vignette.

Above you can see how it came out, I glued them together and eventually stained the border with Distress Vintage Photo Ink.

With Collage Medium I glued on the snow flakes Distress Mica Flakes to give them some sparkle.

I have cut a rectangular piece from another Stamperia Blue Land sheet of paper to glue on top the sign that says “Hello Winter” and dabbed all the edges with Distress Vintage Photo Ink.

With my Tonic Studio stamp station I have positioned cleared stamps from Stampers Anonymous to stamp a strip of paper.

I stamped and embossed little sentiments using VersaMark sticky ink and Distress Broken China embossing Glaze from the Tim Holtz Collection. I ended up not using this particular one but two of the same, smaller and more appropriate for the frame, I have used this one for the next step.

After I cut a post card from the Blue Land Stamperia scrapbooking book, I glued the embossed strip on it.

I took a cloud from Stampers Anonymous Christmas set and stamped and embossed three clouds, I used Distress Black Soot Ink.

After I embossed the clouds with black embossing powder, I stained them with Distress Weathered Ink from Ranger.

I have fussy cut the clouds.

I have covered the back of the canvas with pieces of pages of a book using collage medium, I use Golden Gel Matte medium.

I started gathering my material and assemble my vignette, as you can see on top of the frame I have glued the sign “Hello Winter” on the top center, and used two small screws to add a bit of grunge feeling, in the final piece I actually used four of them.

I stained “DEC” and “25” wood cutouts with Distress Frosted Juniper and glued them to the frame.

This is the finished and assembled piece, I used a mixing of Tim Holtz material and Stamperia, I added a string of mini lights under the frame, in the nest picture you can see the lit vignette. For the postcard, the dear, the calendar and the clouds I glued them with doubled sided adhesive dots to have a 3D effect.

And this is it, I am very happy with it and I will certainly make more, like I stated before I will take a small break fro the blog as me being from Modena Italy, but living in the USA, I have to prepare a ton of handmade tortellini for Christmas , if I find the time I will start another project, if I don’t I wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all of you. Thanks for the support, down below you will find a slideshow of all my pictures.

Christmas Vignette #2

Hello friend, this is my second Christmas Vignette, the process is very similar to the prior post I made right before this one. I hope you like it!

As you can see on the picture above, I have taken a white canvas, I prefer working with a 12″ by 12″ square but you can use any different shapes, same concept as my first vignette, poured some white gesso on it to make the background a bit more solid, I have covered the frame with with ripped book pages, nothings needs to be perfect, I like the grungy and vintage look it gets, the frame will eventually be covered with material so you will not be able to see any, or very few creases.

After the paper is dry I go around it with a foam ink applicator using Distress Vintage Photo by Tim Holtz, to give it a vintage look, on top you can see the “Holiday Greetings” strip I glued that with a medium matte gel, as I do with the pieces of pages from an old book, the material I mainly use are all from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Collection.

Using Distress texture paste and a stencil, I have cut two strips of backdrop and I started applying stars with the stencil you see above.

For the inside of the frame I have cut strips of backdrops from the Halloween Wall Paper bundle I bought when I was doing cards for halloween, with all this beautiful material from Tim Holtz, nothing goes to waste.

As you can see above I started gathering some material to have an idea on what to put in my Vignette.

I have positioned a backdrop in the middle of the vignette after I used Distress Vintage Photo ink to lightly add a bit of darker color to it.

Using Distress Mica Spray Holly Branch, I sprayed the letters and numbers with it, these are made of wood that I bought on Amazon.

Same process as the picture above to form the word “Noel”.

From the Tim Holtz Layers package I picked this particular card because it looks like an old card and you can see the work Boston in it, I live an hour away from Boston, it was the appropriate card to pick for me as I loved it so much. The theme of Christmas is really pretty.

Using a door stopper I glued a Christmas Token from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection on it, and I will use the white and red cord to tie a bow around it before I glued it, on the finished piece you can see it appears with some white on it, this is gesso I used to make the words on it pop up.

I have prepared this small sign glueing a wooden tag under it to give it some heavy weight as this will be hanging from the top of the vignette attaching two red and white pieces of the same string as the one I used for the token above, the sign with the number 24 is from the Tim Holtz Layers Idea-Ology collection and the “Happy Holidays” from the label stickers collection from Tim Holtz material .

As you can see I screwed two small hooks on the top inside of the vignette, that is where the sign will hang from it.

Above you can see the two metal plaque and token covered with white gesso. I love the effect it gives them.

As I will put a mini string of led lights behind it I realized they would show through the card, so I decided to glue a black card behind it because I want the light to shine out of the card and not through it.

I poked a hole in the middle of the vignette to pull the string of light through it and positioned it in the manner you see in the picture, this way the light string will not move and the light will shine out of the card.

Above you can see a sewed a string and a small pocket to add in the back of the vignette, the string is for hanging purpose and the pocket is for hiding and holding the switch of the string of lights.

This is the finished piece, I added cutouts from the Christmas Tim Holtz Collection , all around the frame, I splattered some white gesso liquified with a bit of water, and added styrofoam small balls for a snow effect.

Above the vignette illuminated by the lights, I enjoyed so much doing this and I hope you like it! This entered a contest, I will know who is the winner o December 14th. Fingers crossed. Cheers !

Christmas Vignette

Hello friends, this is my very first vignette I made, Christmas is around the corner so I wanted to create something festive, down below you can find the step by step on how I made this, I apologize in advance because as I create I change my mind a million times, maybe I do have ADD lol, who knows ! Anyway, I hope you like this.

Above you can see my very first step, I used to paint on canvas, so I have many used, unused, half used, laying around my house, I flipped it upside down and used the interior part of it, I used white gesso, even if at the end I really didn’t need to do that as I covered everything with other material, but it did help me anyways because it made the canvas more thick.

After the gesso dried I cut some strips of an old book and prepared them to lay them all around the frame.

Above here I covered the frame of the canvas with the strips I mentioned in the prior picture, to glue the pieces together I use Golden Regular Gel Matte, it does the job really well. Set aside and let it dry.

While my paper on the canvas was drying I started cutting strips of Tim Holtz Backdrops, this one in particular caught my attention, not only I cut the strips but I did cut the other way around and made little rectangular pieces, my idea was to add those on top of the frame.

Above you can see after the strip of paper dried, I used Distress Vintage Photo Ink from the Tim Holtz collection with a dome applicator and went all around the frame and gave it a distressed effect to make it look vintage .

Choosing another backdrop from the Tim Holtz Collection , I cut it in half and a stencil to add stars to the two strips.

I positions the small rectangular pieces all on the frames to see ho they looked, at first this was my idea but as you can see in the few pictures coming next I did change my mind and used less than you see in the picture above, I also cut more strips from another backdrops cover the inside of the frame.

As you can see the strips of the candy cane backdrop fit perfectly inside the frame, not glueing them yet.

As you can see, I started covering the backdrop with stars, I have used Tim Holtz Distress Texture Paste and I left it white.

I have cut a crescent moon and painted it with white paint and Distress Crackle, I went all around it with Distress Vintage Photo.

The backdrop with the old calendar is appropriate to use and was perfect for this project , I circled the month of December and the number 25 and added a pointed finger above, after I stained it with Distress Vintage Photo, I have cut another small strip of another background to use as a separator between ” The Seasons Greetings” and the year “1942”.

I started assembling the vignette, as you can see decided to use less rectangular pieces, the two strips with the stars and the calendar would be glued in this manner inside the vignette, you can see the small cord with batteries as I positioned it all around the frame hidden under the frame by pushing the canvas a little down. My intention was to have some light shine on the vignette, green light , but I wanted a subtle light, just a bit to ad some atmospheric effect, I didn’t want the light to take over the vignette. On top of the vignette I added a layer with “Holiday Greetings”, to glue all of this I use my my collage medium.

All around the frame I added all kinds of embellishments always from the Tim Holtz collection. Santa was glued with some double sided adhesive dots to give a 3D effect, the metal Plaque at the bottom left is from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection, I made it look vintage by adding some white gesso and polishing a bit on the words that pop up, I also cut 4 white and red strings and tied them through the holes on the side.

After everything was dried I flipped the canvas upside down and using matte gel medium I started glueing a piece of fabric to cover the back .

I sewed a small pocket to hide inside the two batteries light switch .

Above you can see I cut a strip of the same fabric to use as an hanger for the vignette, and sewed it in the back.

I frayed the fabric in the back, made a small bow to put on the moon in the upper right corner with the same fabric, using styrofoam balls I added a snow effect, to give it a distressed and vintage look also using diluted gesso I splattered the whole vignette. Below I will put a slideshow of all the pictures of the finished piece. I hope you like it! Thank you for the support and for visiting my blog.

Christmas Card #4

Hi guys, in my previous post I said I had made another card while working on my third Christmas card, below you can see the step by step on how I made this, it’s very simple and clean. I hope you like it!

Above you can see I chose the bold letter Stampers Anonymous stamp, which I absolutely love, with a stitched die I cut out a white rectangular card, the two will be put together after the next step which I will explain down below.

I placed my stitched card in the Tonic stamping station from Tim Holtz, with the stamp placed to cover the whole card.

Using the Plaid stamp from Stampers Anonymous and Archival red ink I stamped the white card, the Tonic stamping station is a blessing, you can stamp properly any card even not using the two magnet. I love it!

As I let the white card dry from the red ink I cut out another stitched same size card from the Tim Holtz Backdrop collection using the same die and my Sizzix Big Shot, I have placed the the white card already stamped in red back in my stamping station, this time I stamped with the bold letters using clear VersaMark watermark stamp pad, which is very sticky and in my opinion optimal to used embossing glaze, as you can see above out came out very nice and clear, the glaze is Distress Glaze Peeled Paint, then with a heating gun I embossed it, I love how it came out and it’s the same color as the second card. As you can see above I already I had an idea on what I was going to use for cutouts.

I decided to go with a cream card and cut another piece of background paper to place in the front.I glued the two together and set it aside to dry.

With my embossing and cutting machine I have used the Sizzix die set #661597 and cut two sets of leaves to add to the card.

I assembled the front of the card as you see in the picture above, I left the leaves white to give some contrast, I was able to insert them under the plaided card by using some scrapbook doubled adhesive squares which I got from SimonSaysStamp, fantastic products over there too.

Above you can see I chose some of the Tim Holtz cutouts to add to the inside of the card as a collage.

This is the inside of the card, collaging and glueing the four pieces together.

Above, you can see the assembled front of the card and I added few dew drops to give it depth and dimension ! Below you ca find the slideshow of step by step and also the the material I used. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m truly grateful.

Christmas Card #3

Hello friends, I finally started to work on my cards again, this is my third Christmas card, using Tim Holtz material is my favorite because you have endless possibilities . In the picture below I have sprayed a white heavy stock watercolor paper with Distress Peppermint Mica stain, let it dry and add drops of water to give it that watercolor effect , I have cut a frame using my Sizzix Big Shot with a stitched die, for this particular card I have used only the frame and saved the other stitched piece for another card coming up right after this one, after I have glued on the frame some Distress Mica Flakes, as that was drying, using a the stencil you see I added some stars covering the whole card, I used a metallic acrylic paint from Art Metallique. The stamp from Stampers Anonymous I ended up using it for the next card. Once I start a project I tend to change my mind and go as I see if I like it or not, and also because millions of ideas come popping in my head and I go along with it as I feel it. Bare with me, I will still show step by step.

Here below is the card with the stars stenciled on top of it, I decided to round the corners with a punch and using Distress Vintage Photo Ink I went around the whole card, I love the vintage look it give the card

I took a window frame from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection and covered it with White Gesso to cover a bit of the color.

The picture above speaks for itself, I just glued the window to the card after the gesso dried, I also rounded the corner of the green frame.

Above I added a Christmas Wreath and “Christmas Greeting” strip from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Layers cut outs using a bit of glue to make them adhere to the window.

Above is the finished card, I did add two little stars on the window frame always from the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Collection just to give it a little more spark, with a red and white string I made a small bow and glued it on the wreath, basically this was a collage more than everything but I enjoyed it a lot.

I decided this morning to change a bit my card, as more ideas come to mind, I tend to go back and add something more. Here I added a red background and stitched the two cards together, I also added some white acrylic paint to add a bit of snow effect.

Here above you can see pictures of the finished card from different angles so you can see the sparkle of it, I hope you liked it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

New creations

Hi friends, I went MIA on my blog for personal reasons and because I am still learning a lot, below you can find my latest creations, I am not explaining how I went about it as I will do that when I resume my blog shortly, I am studying everyday , learning new techniques , and trying to create as much as possible, see you soon and happy thanksgiving to all of you out there! Grateful for all that I am learning!

Halloween card #9

Hello everyone, I went MIA for few days as I am very busy at the moment, but back now with another Halloween card as I am waiting for more material to be shipped to my door. This card started with a piece of mixed media paper sprayed with purple Distress Oxide by Tim Holtz, oxide is my favorite, it reacts with water so I can lift some color just by wetting the paper and using simple paper towel or a cloth. I did cut another piece of mixed media paper stained prior to this job as I was experimenting making my own aged looking paper. As I stated before I am very new to this new hobby/job, I do my best to learn everyday. As everything started to dry as I glued the two big pieces together, I gathered some material to play with! In the third picture, you can see some of the cut outs and ephemera from Tim Holtz collection I have. I stitched the two cards together with my sewing machine. I took a small piece of crafts card and sprayed it with some orange Distress Oxide and the edges of the big card and went all around with Vintage Photo Distress ink to give it a vintage look, I did this to all the pieces on this card. I stamped cobwebs and bats with soot Distress ink and embossed them with purple embossing powder. On a white piece of mixed media paper I stamped a pumpkin and fussy cut it after I embossed it then colored it with Carved Pumpkin Distress Ink and Old Paper Distress ink for the stem, I glued it to the card with two double sided sticky dots after it dried completely. Stitching the small craft card on one side of the card I wanted to appear like a small second card to be opened, under that I glued and used a paper fastener to adhere to the card, embellished the front with some ephemera and stamped the word “RIP” from StamperAnonymous alphanumeric stamps I have bought at the beginning of this endeavor ! Embossed that one too with purple embossing powder. The cloud at the top is from StampersAnonymous too. Just another simple card as I waiting patiently for my material to come in, still learning and using my imagination as much as I can with what I have in the house. Happy making, I hope you like it!

Halloween card #8

Hello everyone, I am continuing my practice with all the techniques I am studying on YouTube, the material I use is Tim Holtz mainly but I do use some of my personal items too. This card is made from three different pieces of paper, the bottom one is heavy paper cut form an envelope I received in the mail, I used the brown part to show I added Distress Vintage Photo all around it, light green paper a bit smaller is glued and stitched on top. Once the two pieces were dried together I used my splat box, made by me, to spray some Distress Orange Oxide on the four corners. Because I am experimenting with colors and stamps, I had a big piece of paper that I used to pick up all the colors I used in the past and I actually saved it because I liked what came out, so I decided to use that as my third and final piece to add to the card. I stamped two pumpkins from StampersAnonymous always from the Tim Holtz collection, then used Distress Glaze on them and embossed them, I actually was very happy on how they came out. Went on to stamp “TRICK OR TREAT” and “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” in black and embossed that too. Finally I cut two cats from the Tim Holtz collection thinlits dies from Sizzix and glued them in the corners. This card is very simple, but I can’t stress enough how I am still learning as I am going, my objective here is to keep going as I love to create so much. As I will practice and study all the techniques I hope to offer a bigger variety of my creations, I am still in the process of buying all the material I need, and believe me it is a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog, happy making!

My first Christmas Card

Hi friends, I finally got some Christmas material from the Tim Holtz Collection and started working on my first card. Still in the process of learning and experimenting with different media I have never used before. I found some grungy Christmas paper at Michael’s, I love it because it’s red and black, kind of different I thought, and I like it very much. I took a brown craft card and glued the paper to it. While that was drying I made a bow, two from paper one from lace, the bow is very simple to do with few foldings, I punched a hole and added a Christmas token with a white paper fastener, once dry I sprayed it with Mica Spray Tarnished Brass. I cut with my Sizzix Machine some snow flakes, I used Tim Holtz Thinlits #661519, sprayed those with mica spray mentioned before, I wasn’t too happy with the look, but as I work new ideas, sometime too many, come to mind. I let that sit for a minute and concentrated con the card. I didn’t like the brown card stock so I measured a white piece of mixed media paper to fit the inside of the card and glued it on it, waited until it dried and sprayed more Mica Spray to almost give it a dirty grungy look. I stamped Santa’s face and “MERRY Christmas” on a different piece of paper and using Distress Ink Vintage Photo I stained the three pieces all around the edges, just to give it a distress vintage look, cut some branches and leaves with different colored card stock from Sizzix Thinlits Dies #661597 Tim Holtz collection, sprayed those with Mica Spray too. Glued and assembled the card by tucking the branches behind Santa’s Face and on the other page I wanted to add a strip of the covering paper to break all that white I had, glued “MERRY Christmas” with the cuts on the strip. Back to the front of the card, I took a strip of cardboard, sprayed that with Mica again, glued the ribbon on top and let that dry, the snowflakes were not convincing me, I thought the sparkle was missing even with the Mica spray, so I sprayed some Distress Resist spray on them and added Mica Flakes, I loved the result. Glued the strip with the ribbon on the front of the card in an angle and added the snow flakes to it, I also stamped “DEC 25” to the front to add a little more grunge, using black soot Distress Ink and embossing powder to give it texture, same procedure for the inside of the card for Santa and MERRY Christmas. I went all around the card using Distress Vintage Photo Ink for the last look and added some metal corners to the card, last but not least was adding a little bit of white and red floss to brighten up a bit. Hope you like it. It’s a lot of fun and I am a beginner but I am having a blast creating, I have a Lot to learn, still watching all the Tim Holtz videos and taking notes. Happy creating ! Give it a try!

Halloween Card #7

Hi guys, another Halloween Card for me as I’m practicing with colors and my imagination . This is a long tag, I cut a piece of cardboard from a box I had in the house, glued on it a piece of paper I made myself, you can barely notice because of the colored paper on top leaving only two strips on the top and bottom , you can see a bit of it on the two strips at the bottom where I stitched pieces of paper together . The paper I made is just a white page of Watercolor paper tea stained black tea, as the paper was drying I gently smeared a gray chalk I have in the house and I was using to color my Mandalas. Little did I know it came out like an old looking piece of paper. For the colored paper I experimented with Distress Inks and Oxide from the Tim Holtz collection, I used the method Tim shows in one of his videos, I am learning so much, I used also some Oxide spray, using water from a sprayer and blending everything together, I was very happy with what came out, it’s a blend of colors that looks like orange with green but very grungy. I stamped on a scrap of the same paper a pumpkin and cut it to fit on the neck of the paper doll, that is why this card could be called Ms. Pumpkin! I embossed the head with embossing powder , glued it on top of the paper doll, then I added a frame around the head, before gluing the frame I embossed it with Tim Holtz glaze, stamped and embossed ” Ms” “P” “HELLO PUMPKIN” and assembled the card. Ms P is holding a book in one hand and her spider purse. The number 31 was glued on a token I found at the dollar store, you can really find lots of craft items there that cam be used for scrapbooking and junk journals, that token was the perfect size for the ephemera from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection, all the ephemera on this card comes from his collection, I love his products! I stitched some funky stitches on one side of the card with orange floss, then covered the back of this big long tag with some country fabric I had in the house, I used to quilt so I have a ton of fabric in the house, once in a while I still quilt. I frayed the fabric before gluing it to the back. Unfortunately I did not take step by step pictures because for me this one was actually an experiment as I am learning all the techniques of this beautiful form of art. I definitely love what came out.