Winter wonderland vignette

Hi friends, I made another vignette, I enjoy making them a lot, so I will focus more on vignettes instead of cards, I’ll be probably still making them but because we are getting close to the holidays time will be against me. I hope you like it! Same concept of my two prior to this,Continue reading “Winter wonderland vignette”

Christmas Vignette #2

Hello friend, this is my second Christmas Vignette, the process is very similar to the prior post I made right before this one. I hope you like it! As you can see on the picture above, I have taken a white canvas, I prefer working with a 12″ by 12″ square but you can useContinue reading “Christmas Vignette #2”

Christmas Vignette

Hello friends, this is my very first vignette I made, Christmas is around the corner so I wanted to create something festive, down below you can find the step by step on how I made this, I apologize in advance because as I create I change my mind a million times, maybe I do haveContinue reading “Christmas Vignette”

Christmas Card #4

Hi guys, in my previous post I said I had made another card while working on my third Christmas card, below you can see the step by step on how I made this, it’s very simple and clean. I hope you like it! Above you can see I chose the bold letter Stampers Anonymous stamp,Continue reading “Christmas Card #4”

Christmas Card #3

Hello friends, I finally started to work on my cards again, this is my third Christmas card, using Tim Holtz material is my favorite because you have endless possibilities . In the picture below I have sprayed a white heavy stock watercolor paper with Distress Peppermint Mica stain, let it dry and add drops ofContinue reading “Christmas Card #3”

New creations

Hi friends, I went MIA on my blog for personal reasons and because I am still learning a lot, below you can find my latest creations, I am not explaining how I went about it as I will do that when I resume my blog shortly, I am studying everyday , learning new techniques ,Continue reading “New creations”

Halloween card #9

Hello everyone, I went MIA for few days as I am very busy at the moment, but back now with another Halloween card as I am waiting for more material to be shipped to my door. This card started with a piece of mixed media paper sprayed with purple Distress Oxide by Tim Holtz, oxideContinue reading “Halloween card #9”

Halloween card #8

Hello everyone, I am continuing my practice with all the techniques I am studying on YouTube, the material I use is Tim Holtz mainly but I do use some of my personal items too. This card is made from three different pieces of paper, the bottom one is heavy paper cut form an envelope IContinue reading “Halloween card #8”

My first Christmas Card

Hi friends, I finally got some Christmas material from the Tim Holtz Collection and started working on my first card. Still in the process of learning and experimenting with different media I have never used before. I found some grungy Christmas paper at Michael’s, I love it because it’s red and black, kind of differentContinue reading “My first Christmas Card”

Halloween Card #7

Hi guys, another Halloween Card for me as I’m practicing with colors and my imagination . This is a long tag, I cut a piece of cardboard from a box I had in the house, glued on it a piece of paper I made myself, you can barely notice because of the colored paper onContinue reading “Halloween Card #7”