Halloween Card #7

Hi guys, another Halloween Card for me as I’m practicing with colors and my imagination . This is a long tag, I cut a piece of cardboard from a box I had in the house, glued on it a piece of paper I made myself, you can barely notice because of the colored paper on top leaving only two strips on the top and bottom , you can see a bit of it on the two strips at the bottom where I stitched pieces of paper together . The paper I made is just a white page of Watercolor paper tea stained black tea, as the paper was drying I gently smeared a gray chalk I have in the house and I was using to color my Mandalas. Little did I know it came out like an old looking piece of paper. For the colored paper I experimented with Distress Inks and Oxide from the Tim Holtz collection, I used the method Tim shows in one of his videos, I am learning so much, I used also some Oxide spray, using water from a sprayer and blending everything together, I was very happy with what came out, it’s a blend of colors that looks like orange with green but very grungy. I stamped on a scrap of the same paper a pumpkin and cut it to fit on the neck of the paper doll, that is why this card could be called Ms. Pumpkin! I embossed the head with embossing powder , glued it on top of the paper doll, then I added a frame around the head, before gluing the frame I embossed it with Tim Holtz glaze, stamped and embossed ” Ms” “P” “HELLO PUMPKIN” and assembled the card. Ms P is holding a book in one hand and her spider purse. The number 31 was glued on a token I found at the dollar store, you can really find lots of craft items there that cam be used for scrapbooking and junk journals, that token was the perfect size for the ephemera from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection, all the ephemera on this card comes from his collection, I love his products! I stitched some funky stitches on one side of the card with orange floss, then covered the back of this big long tag with some country fabric I had in the house, I used to quilt so I have a ton of fabric in the house, once in a while I still quilt. I frayed the fabric before gluing it to the back. Unfortunately I did not take step by step pictures because for me this one was actually an experiment as I am learning all the techniques of this beautiful form of art. I definitely love what came out.

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