Halloween card #4

Welcome to the house of the renowned world entomologist Mr & Mrs Bugs, it’s October 31st, they are world travelers! Again this card was a lot of fun but a little challenging , but I finished anyways and I am very pleased with it. I took two very heavy pieces of card stock and covered them with green paper after I sprayed them with Tim Holtz distress oxide, while they were drying I folded two pieces of lace and glued them together with double sided clear tape, I added embossing powder so it stuck to the folded lace. I stamped a window, added a small wreath with embellishments I made and glued it to the front of the card with a hot glue gun. As you open the card, I stamped on the left side a script about entomology, the stamp is from Stamper Anonymous, Tim Holtz collection. In the middle of the script I added a strip of felt and sewed on a piece of paper which I cut from a package of goodies from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology products, I don’t throw away anything, the world “Halloween” on the wreath comes from that too. A tag with their name, bugs stamped and embossed with embossing powder to give it texture. inside the strip of paper in the middle of the script added a sticker with word “Explore” always from Tim Holtz Idea-Ology collection , I slid in the tag, a page of my husband’s old passport, a tag with an old postcard cutout, and a 100 Francs bill which is real by the way. To close the card on the left side I added a metal hinge that I had in the house , covered the holes with orange paper fasteners on both sides. On the right side I glued Tim Holtz paper dolls, colored the flower of the bride and the gloves and bowtie of the groom, poked two holes and slid in a string to eventually close the card. Most of the material is Tim Holtz but I used items found in my house, being an artist I have a ton of material laying around and usable for scrapbooking or any other form of art. Enjoy the card and create everyday , it’s fun and very rewarding , in case you go visit Mr & Mrs Bugs, watch out for insects everywhere 😉 I wanted to put a witch hat on Mrs Bugs head to add a bit of comical content ! Enjoy ….

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